Saas Entrepreneur Doubles recurring reveneues after only 6 conversations

After meeting at a Men's Retreat, this client reached out to experience more 1-on-1 coaching to drive the sales and revenues of his SaaS business. His goals were to breakthrough his endlessly frustrating, revenue ceiling of $10k/month.  

After only 6 conversations, this entrepreneur revised all of his subconscious patterns to facilitate the growth he wanted. He has since surpassed $20k/month. And $30k/month. 



Former Miss Alaska & 7-Figure Entrepreneur overcomes nerves and Triples Income in only 6 conversations

After being acquaintances for years, and with plenty of persistent follow-up, I had the opportunity to work with a fitness icon, who also happened to be running a 7-figure coaching/wellness business for women. 

After 1 conversation, focused on relieving pressure around high-ticket selling, she texted me the next morning revealing that she had closed her most expensive client, ever.  Within 6 conversations, "We tripled [her] income without making [her] do anything [she] didn't want to do." Once again, from $10k/month to $30k/month. 

At the time of this writing, she is also reportedly enjoying the best relationship she's ever been in, with another wildly successful (and thoughtful) entrepreneur. 



Early-stage saas owner goes from 0 dates in 2 years to engaged

This client was working diligently on his early-stage, SaaS startup which was focused on enabling lifestyle design, location freedom and time freedom. 

He was so passionate about his project that he was putting in 12-14 hour workdays and without even noticing, realized it had been 2 years since his last date. 

After 1 conversation, I called him and he said "Oh, no I don't feel any different since session....but I have been on 7 dates in the past 3 weeks." A year later he called me to thank me because they were still together. He texted me about 2 months ago, and shared with me that he was about to propose.

They are now engaged.   


within weeks partner of real estate firm woos his dream girl and then is offered a $500k investment

After meeting this client through an elite Southern California mastermind, this Partner of a real estate firm sought out coaching to increase his business and overall well-being. 

Within weeks of working together, he found himself on a trip to the Bay Area. Outside of normally scheduled sessions, he called for advice (which I normally don't give), on how to handle a precarious dating issue. 

After finding the courage to express something truly vulnerable, he wooed his dream girl. 

Upon returning from his trip, his confidence carried over into his investor meetings and he was quickly offered a $500k equity investment in his business.  


"I didn’t learn much when I won half a million dollars in 7 days, but I learned everything in these 7 humbling days with Zach."

The mental roadblocks which had been playing on repeat in my head for over 7 years took a matter of a few months to demolish working with Zach. 

I had never put so much effort into studying and training for an event. I finally was regaining the love I had for the game, and learning it was just a game. The stress was now out of it.  I was confident and ready to take on poker again after training with Zach. 


*client details are kept confidential, unless they

graciously permit me to share them publicly.  


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