(8/9) Group Energy Healing w/Zach Luz - 10mins/each

(8/9) Group Energy Healing w/Zach Luz - 10mins/each


Limited to 5 Spots. This group healing lasts 60 minutes.

What: In this powerful group session, join Zach as he combines forces with your higher self to shift stuck perspectives as we clear away blocks in the areas of WEALTH, ROMANCE, SPIRITUAL GROWTH or HEALTH, so that you can step into full abundance, now.

Where: Phone Call (Dial-in # will be sent after purchase)

When: Friday, 8/9 @ 3pm PST | 6pm EST

How: Each person gets 10 minutes of 1-on-1 energy healing with Zach Luz. These calls are conducted in a group format so that you may benefit from the power of collective intent. Additionally, you may also benefit from overlapping healings between yourself and the others on the call. It’s quite common to discover that those who attend your energy clearing share similar issues.

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