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"Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world." -Paramahansa Yogananda



The elevateD CEO

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There's a Buddhist proverb about a wizard who spent 500 years trying to ascend into Heaven. No matter how hard he tried, nothing worked.

One day, a messenger asked the Buddha, on the wizard's behalf, "Why can't the wizard ascend into Heaven?"

The Buddha wisely responded, "The wizard's staff is far too powerful. Whenever I send my angels to help him, they can't get close enough to swoop him up. The source of all his earthly power is now his limitation. If he can let go, he will ascend."

The messenger returned. The Wizard laid down his staff and he instantly ascended.  

At the end of the day, your business simply another reflection of you. If you'd like to master the inner game of leadership, understand the inner workings what's holding you back and triumph with elegance instead of force, overwork and've found the right program.

  • Optimize your subconscious capacity for leadership
  • Inspire your team to ask for more responsibility
  • Relax into an effortless productivity for the first-time, ever


(6) Reprogramming Sessions  

(6) Energy Clearings 

*Additional phone/text support



"I have no anxiety, no panic attacks, no stress...

and my happiness isn't held by another human being, a thing, or a currency, or by making my mom proud."


Zlata S., High Performance Coach for Women



"We pretty much sold out of inventory."

"18,000 email address captures, 200+ orders. We pretty much sold out of inventory. It was a great day. Thank you for all of your guidance. "

Sean M., E-Commerce Business Owner


8 Week Program


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One evening, two businessmen met for a drink at the local pub. In the corner, they noticed a man who had just started scribbling something onto a napkin. They caught a glance of his face and were stunned that it was none other than Pablo Picasso.

Immediately, they rushed up to him and did their best to nonchalantly express their admiration. "It's such an honor to be in your presence. Would it be possible for me to purchase that piece you scribbled onto that napkin? It's incredible!"

Picasso responds, "Sure. It costs $5,000."

The businessman stammered, "But that only took you 5 minutes to draw! How could you charge such a ridiculous price without feeling like a crook!" 

Picasso continued, "I used to think the same thing about drawing on napkins. But then I saw one of my napkins sell for $20,000 at auction and I decided $5,000 was a fair price." 

The businessman's friend interjected, "I'll buy it. Do you accept PayPal?"

This program is for the practitioner who has earned several certifications and is feeling burnt-out because no matter how many incredible skills they acquire, it still hasn't resulted in a stream of paying clients. If you are a masterful practitioner, who is ready to start sharing her gifts, be compensated respectably and step into the possibility of having a full-practice, this program is for you. 



  • (8) One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to Facebook Group
  • (2) Energy Clearing or Emergency Calls
  • (21) Morning Meditations *optional*





At Yale, research assistants casually asked that undergraduate test subjects briefly hold either a warm cup of coffee or iced coffee as they wrote down information. The subjects were then given a packet of information about an individual and then were asked to assess his or her personality traits.

The participants assessed the person as significantly “warmer” if they had previously held the warm cup of coffee rather than the iced cup of coffee. This is called priming.

This program focuses on diving deep into the unseen realms of your subconscious and primes you for intimate relationship. 

Over the course of 8 weeks, we work together to remap your identity, upgrade outdated belief systems to ones that automatically bring out your most congruent self, which just so happens to be incredibly attractive. There's no pickup lines to memorize, wardrobe renovations or body language tutorials. If you'd like to step into a version of you that is experiencing the fulfillment, love and intimacy that are your birthright...this program is for you. 

It's time to attract your partner. Don't forget to draw the blinds. 



  • (8) One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to Facebook Group
  • (2) Energy Clearing or Emergency Calls
  • (21) Morning Meditations *optional*

"Emily and I got engaged!" 


*Privacy Requested., SaaS Entrepreneur


"I know this is weird, but i just had sex for the first time

in 8 months...the day after our call.

*Privacy Requested, Digital Nomad