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24 | dropping into the heart with psychedelics expert sitaramdas

In this episode Zach interviews Sitaram Das (aka Daniel Shankin) about the intersection of intuition and psychedelic medicine. Sitaram Das is the Founder of Tam Integration Circles, a community focused on supporting integration events and spiritual support in the Bay Area in California and has spent decades following his intuition. 

In this conversation, we cover: 

  • The inner strength and reverence required to harness the benefits of psychedelic medicine 

  • How to develop trust in ourselves so that we can deepen our experiences in waking life as well as our experiences beyond the veil 

  • What “Sustainable Enlightenment” is and how to incorporate higher frequency living into our daily lives

  • How to handle social pressure when our loved ones think we’re crazy for following our intuition or utilizing psychedelic medicine to catalyze our potential

For more on Sitaram Das please visit sitaramdas.com/

+ Show Notes

Tam Integration, Community Psychedelic Integration Circles tamintegration.com

Psilocybin Summit https://psilocybinsummit.com

Sitaramdas.com, Applied Mindfulness Coaching & Training

23 | how to wait around and get results

Have you ever tapped into your intuition only to receive the guidance that you should just wait? In this episode, Zach talks about the trials and tribulations of the waiting game that any seeker faces along their journey. He shares the root cause of his impatience and why he used to GTL in 5th grade, revealing the one belief which gave him a deep sense of relief about all of this, and how he’s learned to accept the guidance from his higher self that sometimes it’s just best to wait. Also, the profound spiritual lessons covered in this episode were taught to him by a lazy, yet lovable, cat.

22 | past lives & present limitations

What if the beliefs, oaths and vows we set up last lifetime are still influencing us, now? In this episode, listen to Chloe resolve her past life trauma as a Scottish potato farmer to shift patterns her dating life. Afterwards, a new man enters her life who isn’t interested in playing any childish games, but instead wants to have some ‘adult fun’ with her. As we change the internal, the external world has no choice but to reflect our changes. 

21 | Guided Evacuation

We moved out of our forest cabin and within 24 hours the worst flood in the past 24 years hit Northern California...how bout that divine timing? In this episode, Zach shares how his intuition delivered his dream home to him and how it also warned him about Parisian protestors who came within striking range. This one is intense.

20 | family: you don’t have to be like them to belong

So, what does family belonging have to do with following our intuition no matter where it guides us? Well, it’s that “no matter where it guides us” part. In this episode, Zach reveals how subtle assumptions he made as a child in a loving family, governed decades of his life. If our futures are determined by where we steer the ship, our need to belong with our family is the wind in our sails. Late in the episode, an adolescent leopard finds the ‘sweet spot’ of family belonging and sorts all this stuff out in about 10 minutes.

19 | as inside, so outside

In this episode, Zach shares a story of one listener who has been getting tons of synchronicities since she started listening to the podcast. She faces an internal conflict and debated whether she should continue traveling around the world or take some much-needed rest and relaxation. As she passes the spiritual test she’s given herself, she achieves a big business breakthrough. What if our external world is simply another reflection of our inner world? Learn how to read the clues that our higher self is constantly presenting us, in our physical reality. Hold on to your tarot cards, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. 

+ Show Notes

Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body, Julia Cannon https://www.amazon.com/Soul-Speak-Language-Your-Body/dp/1886940355

18 | beauty is practical

Ever been following your intuition and wondered if you’re doing it “right?”

In this episode, i share how the frequency of beauty helps us attune to higher guidance. When we’re aligned with beauty, we receive more spiritual messages, our self-worth swells and so does our bank account. I share my breakdown and existential crisis when I finally decided to upgrade from mid-range sheets to the fancy bedsheets. Up that thread count, son.

I also mention how the owners of my favorite coffee shop, @retrograderoast, leverage beauty frequencies to make sure their shop is always packed. enjoy.

17 | the waking dream

If 200 butterflies crossed your path, would you pay attention to the signs? In this episode, Zach gets back to his roots. Instead of preparing anything he just sits on the ground and shares a stream of consciousness. Also, Indiana Jones finds the holy grail, nbd.

+ Show Notes

Indiana Jones Scene https://youtu.be/xFntFdEGgws?t=18

16 | anatomy of a belief

Ever wonder what an energy healer actually does? In this episode, Zach brings us inside an energy healing session with Sean Kolders. Sean helps us see how Zach’s past life as a laborer was limiting his creative expression in the present. If you’ve ever wondered how childhood, societal and ancestral beliefs can affect our lives, you’ll love this conversation.

+ Show Notes

Sean Kolders' Services https://www.seankolders.com/

15 | stepping into grandness

If it can be taken away, it’s not grandness. On this episode, Zach shares the path our higher self uses to guide us back to our grandness. First, he had to experience his darkest fears - boredom, poverty and loneliness - until he felt the hidden beauty within those experiences. Once he felt sincere gratitude, his predicaments melted away. 

What if we all knew a grandness like that? When we feel a state of well-being that doesn’t rely on external validation, we’re untouchable. 

As long as we hate where we’re at in life, nothing can change. Yet, when our desire to succeed is born from a space of beauty, our lives can finally blossom. “Once I stopped caring about success so much, it finally came,” said one of Zach’s mentors.

14 | heal yourself, heal the world

Everyone wants to help others. But what’s the most enlightened way to do that? 

In this episode, Zach shares how he’s learned to stop lending money to family, how he donated his way into financial collapse and why he no longer offers free sessions/discounts to new clients. He shares how the ‘covert contracts’ he subconsciously made with the universe, didn’t pan out...and how he’s re-learned how to heal others only using methods that enrich the lives of everyone involved. 

Summarized eloquently by of one of his mentors, “Our greatest contribution to the world is our well-being. No exceptions, ever.” If you’re someone who genuinely cares about others and you’d like healing to stop taking such a toll on you, listen to this one. 

13 | shungite

Ever feel like the universe just obliterated all of your dreams without even blinking? Shungite is a stone that promises healing by stripping us bare until all that is left is the truth. In this episode, Zach discusses how he’s learned to revere this stone as well as the moments where life has stripped him bare. He shares 3 instances where he underwent the toughest thing he’s ever encountered, the loss of his identity. He also shares how he’s strengthened his belief that “setbacks” are actually “tough love-shortcuts” and that there’s beauty in every single tragedy, if we are willing to see it.

12 | How world travel hones our intuition

How can we improve our intuition through world travel? A few years ago, Alasdair Plambeck and Zach met at a “secret society” business mastermind. Behind closed-doors, Alasdair revealed that he was managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of product-based ecommerce companies. After achieving what many of us only dream of he did the next logical thing… leave it all behind. Years later, Alasdair has completely mastered the process of letting go. He’s fine-tuned his intuition by traversing through conflict-zones, sleeping with wolves in the Transylvanian wildnerness and trekking through the Himalayas. Now, he is a writer in France. In this conversation, we discuss how he strengthened his intuition through adventure, the merits of emptiness and why following our curiosity is often more fulfilling than simply confronting our fears.  Here’s Alasdair’s blog. http://www.alasdairplambeck.com/

+ Show Notes

Trekking the Himalayas on $20/day http://www.alasdairplambeck.com/annapurna-circuit/

Contact Alasdair@Alasdairplambeck.com

11 | riding the cosmic waves | astronumerology

What do a Republican President and a Billionaire have in common? They use astrology. In this episode, Zach shares his involuntary fascination with astronumerology and how ignoring “Mercury Retrograde” led to him losing thousands of dollars. Listen and find out which famous people discreetly used astrology to catalyze their success, learn the 1 astrological aspect that will instantly reveal why your life flourishes/frustrates you, and how to incorporate astronumerology into your life without becoming a weirdo.

+ Show Notes

Debra Silverman Acts Like a Leo https://bit.ly/2OGFnaq

Alyssa Sharpe Talks About Your North Node https://youtu.be/YMxvylAbiIg

Find Your North Node in 19 seconds https://alabe.com/freechart/default.asp

Nadiya Shah’s Videos https://bit.ly/2prshTn

Tania Gabrielle’s Weekly Forecast https://bit.ly/2DgzIXd

Doelow Da Pilotman Reveals the Problem with Your Goddamn Sign https://bit.ly/2DgB0RX

Renay Oshop Brings Science to Astrology https://bit.ly/2MQnKDh

Study About More Amazon Typos During Mercury Retrograde https://bit.ly/2NuxqIM

Louise Hay’s Book on Numerology https://bit.ly/2xo55tu

10 | Ocean of emotions

What if our emotions were little clues towards our spiritual growth? In this episode, Zach uses cheesy ocean metaphor to reveal the most elegant methods we have to process our emotions. Zach interviews Camille about healthy emotional boundaries and how our emotions catalyze creative expression. She also explains why feelings get results.

09 | how to access inner answers

Ever wish someone would just tell us what to do? In this episode, Zach discusses the shadow side of spiritual leadership and how we can forfeit our innate grandness without even knowing we did that. He also shares one of his favorite techniques for accessing the same truth frequencies that gurus tap into so that we can double-check our guru, healer, or advisor's work. For more visit www.shungitecoaching.com and for the book mentioned visit lindahowe.com/bookstore

08 | self-worth

Successful startup? Check. Passport full of stamps? Check. Jaw-dropping ayahuasca story? Check. Yet, for some reason, we still don't feel like we're 'good enough,' do we? In this episode, Zach shares his internal struggles with self-worth, where enduring self-worth comes from and how come external validation always falls short. We talk about Finding Nemo, jacked butterflies and why we should be really excited when we feel like life is meaningless.

07 | breaking free from people-pleasing

Nobody wants to be a people-pleaser...right? In this episode, Zach talks about the trappings of positive reinforcement and how we can spend our entire lives entranced by an invisible game of the ego. He also discusses why it feels awful to break free from this paradigm and Camille's dad tells a story about a woman asking 2 monks for a piggyback ride.

06 | spiritual bloopers

So, I ignored my astrologer. How do you think that went? In this episode, Zach discusses the inevitability of spiritual bloopers when we walk a spiritual path. Some are hilarious, others are surprisingly profound while some are just the Universe's way of showing its sense of humor. So, if your mala beads are in twisted in a knot, you burnt your finger on your meditation candle or you coughed during shavasana because you inhaled Nag Champa dust again, remember that the first step of enlightenment is to lighten up a bit.

05 |non-doing: why it drives us insane

"Wait...you made it big when you stopped caring?" In this episode, Zach explores non-doing, surrender and quitting as success strategies. He also shares which beliefs led to his addiction to overwork and he poses alternative beliefs about being busy. Perhaps there's a more ideal way of running our lives instead of being constantly stressed out, on-the-verge of paranoia and crunched-for-time every single day?

04 | becoming psychic

Ever wonder what it would be like to go from yoga teacher to full-blown psychic? In this episode, Zach interviews his psychic and spiritual advisor, Sara Shermis. Sara shares her story, how she uncovered her intuitive gifts, what her awakening process was like and how its affected her daily life. We also discuss "the knowing space" and how she's helped her friends find this higher form of intuition. And then she shares her take on fate and free will. Oh, and the purpose of life. For more on Sara visit www.sarashermis.com

03 | Calibrating Our intuition

An Akashic Records reading prompted me to buzz my head, so I did it. But why? In this episode, we examine the importance of calibrating our emotions as we embark on our awakening journey. Especially, when we've spent our whole lives following our intuition and we're still not feeling our true abundance. We'll also talk about common causes of intuitive static that causes our intuition to lead us astray.

02 | the 3 moments that awakened my intuition

Have you ever had a moment where you just knew something and couldn't explain it logically? This episode shares some of the pivotal moments which shifted my perspective from 'total skeptic' to 'reluctant believer'.

01 | Yes, another podcast

Does the world really need another podcast? I didn't think so, either. But then a few psychic predictions came true which made me reconsider. In this episode, I talk about who will love this podcast and how to know if it's right for you. I also share the psychic advice about this podcast (which I initially ignored) and then the synchronicities that nudged me to give this puppy a shot.

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