Two tuning forks of the same frequency were placed near one another.

The first tuning fork was struck and produced a soft humming sound. 

And without needing to be touched, the other tuning fork instantly began resonating in harmony.



At the opening of each session we attune to the higher frequencies in unison. 

This sets the basis for harmony. 


pointers from your higher self

One day, I drove north through winding country roads. The sun was drizzled atop the vineyards and I felt a deep sense of gratitude for the immaculate nature that surrounds me. I took another turn and reflected on my trials and tribulations. And for the first time ever, I actually believed that they were there to serve me. To make me a stronger, more appreciative and compassionate version of myself. 

I felt very emotional. I felt as if the universe was actually on my side, the whole time and I had never been able to see it. 

However, I trivialized the experience and thought nothing of it, until I parked. 

Out of 200 spaces, I parked in the one space where the license plate ahead of me read, "I ❤ZACH." 

It's not always, that obvious. 



In each session, your higher self offers me countless symbols and suggestions that need to reach you. I do my best to listen for and deliver them to you. 



conversational reprogramming

One of my clients, is a full-blown psychic.  Yet, despite knowing the answers to everything, she couldn't help but feel disappointed when she wasn't being pursued romantically by the man she had a crush on.  

She figured that if she was attractive enough, then maybe he'd actually pursue her. She thought that maybe she just wasn't "worth pursuing."

Then I mentioned that she was anything but worthless, in fact, I argued that she was a diamond. 

She agreed. 

I then added, "Well, wouldn't it be a little ridiculous for a diamond to think it's worthless, except if someone is actively digging for it?"



Once we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. In each session, we work together to identify, upgrade and reform your beliefs, identity and neural networks, often through metaphors and stories. 


Frequency Transmission

Dr. Masaru Emoto believed that human consciousness had an effect on the molecular structure of water. 

So, he conducted an experiment where he treated three jars of rice differently. Each day, one jar was thanked. Another jar was called "a fool." And the last jar was ignored. 

At the end of the experiment...

...the rice that had been thanked, still looked white and gave off a pleasant but strong aroma. 

...the rice that had been called "a fool" was black. 

...the rice that had been ignored, began to rot.

Similar results have been obtained through reiki rice experiments. 



In each session, we shift stuck patterns through consciousness. Oftentimes, I place my hands on the client's arm, shoulder, back, neck or head to pinpoint issues. I also use gestures and non-physical means to maneuver consciousness. 


energy clearing

I had a very intense session with a client. A few days passed. Then I felt something odd in his energy field. 

I texted him, "Hey did something just happen?" 

He replied that he'd been really stressed out. I didn't have time to do a full session, so I asked what was his current stress level on a scale of 1-10? 

"7 or 8," he replied.  I whispered a few things to myself.

"And now?"

"2 or 3.....What the f**k did you just do?!?!" 



In some sessions, the truth is being obstructed or we're feeling unnecessary pain/stress. I clear away these blocks as they come up, so you can see clearly, know the truth of things and ascend in the most comfortable way possible.