standing on the shoulders of giants...

It doesn't take very long for people to wonder how someone so young could have the audacity to call himself a coach.

I do not profess to be more intelligent, successful or driven than any of my clients. In fact, I consider it an honor and a privilege to work with them.  

My expertise was inherited.

I've been hoisted atop the shoulders of great men and women, who have selflessly shared their expertise, patience and wisdom with me, so that I could one day call myself a coach

These are a few of the mentors I wish to honor and credit...

Philip & Gayle Tauber

Mas Sajady

Carl Buccheit

Michelle Masters

Carla Camou

Tim McNickle

Greg Renker

Thom McElroy

David Fabricius

Steve Napolitan

Barry Cryer

Christopher M. Duncan

Sara Shermis

Shana Lory

Steve Futrell

Dale Stein

Brian Suerth

Dale Johnson

Dennis Reis

Carlos "El Jefe" Gallardo

Anke Magnussen

Neil Spruce


...ad infinitum