Frequency Meditation - The Dream Day

Frequency Meditation - The Dream Day


Are you destined to make a massive impact but for some reason, you're not taking the next step? Do you want to re-inspire yourself? 

"I went through a powerful dream day exercise with Zach Luczynski. It was a one hour journey of intense imagination and visualization.

During this I envisioned my dream day in a South American country with Kelly. We woke up, meditated, had an incredible breakfast, then went off to do volunteer work. The afternoon was spent out in nature or doing something physical we love. We then spent the evening having dinner with good friends. Although the details aren't exact, I can see so clearly today was my dream made manifest.

Woke up in Nicaragua in a beachfront villa. Led a guided morning meditation. Ate bomb heuvos rancheros. Did the coolest volunteering imaginable. Had lunch on the beach. Did an hour of transformative Yoga under a full moon sky. Then spent the night eating dinner with some of my best friends in the world." - Lou Redmond, Author of Find Your Truth


  • (1) 40-Minute Guided Meditation

  • Hypnotic Language Patterns Included to Entrain Your Subconscious to Attract Your Desired State

  • Permission to Re-Use Meditation (Reusable however you like, commercial or personal, just please credit me)

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